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10 Ways To Get Better Service At A Restaurant

I have noticed that there are many variables that can lead to a bad dining experience, and for the customer to say that they received "poor service" has become cliche, and just the "go to" for when all things go bad in a restaurant.  Here is a Top 10 list to help customers have a positive experience the next time they dine out.

"This table's too round.  This table's too brown.  This table's just right."  You are not buying real estate.  So for you to pass on the first, then the second, and even the third table option the host gives you is beyond ridiculous.  The tables are all made the same, have four legs, four chairs, (if applicable,) and are strong enough to hold food, drinks, and purses.  And if you pass on a table, now you've messed up the floor plan that the host has prepared at the beginning of their shift, and everybody in the restaurant takes notice as you are aimlessly walking around the place looking for a table the isn't too cold, too close to the kitchen, or too loud.

Too many times I see customers practically lay their upper torso on the table while pushing the utensils that they need to eat away from them.  Only later to demand a fork from their server because they claimed to have never gotten one, when there actually was one underneath their forearm if they had bothered to actually have any manners.

As a server, part of our job is to recite the specials to our tables to let the customer know what the chef has done "special" for them that day.  This is usually the time when your server says, "We have some specials for you this evening," and that is the cue for the table to begin a ten minute conversation about how long it took them to get off of the freeway that evening do to the "Piedmontese Cattle" protest.  I usually just keep saying the specials while everybody is talking, finish, they walk away.  Only to have to repeat them again later when my table has the nerve to say, "are there any specials?"  "Today's specials include my not caring and you not listening."

When I walk over to my table to take an order after one of the guests motions me over to take the order, that usually means I am going to be standing there for about twenty minutes because nobody has decided what they're going to have but they want me there for support.  NEWS FLASH!  I have other tables to attend to in my section, so if you're not ready to order, take your time.  Don't leave your server standing there with pen and paper out and not tell them what you want to eat.  This slows things down for everybody, and other customers feel slighted because they don't know where there server went.  As my buddy Lou says, "you're not picking a college!"

Servers are required to go through a lot of training to work at certain restaurants or bars.  One of the classes that we don't take is "mind reading 101."  If you're allergic to something, you should tell your server IMMEDIATELY!  That way, any unforeseen trips to the ER can be avoided.  One time I had a gay guy ask me, "are there nuts in the Tuna Tartar?"  I said, "yes, there are pistachios "  He says, "I'm allergic to nuts."  I replied, "I didn't know, you're the only gay guy allergic to nuts."  (Rim shot!)

When your food is in front of you, it's ready.  Your server is not cooking your food.  If your food is taking a long time to get out to you, your server is trying to get your food out to you as quickly as possible, but please remember that it is NOT your servers fault that your food is taking awhile to come out from the kitchen.  The restaurant might be crowded and the kitchen got backed up.  There are other variables involved.  Customers might change their minds and slow things down.  (RIGHT SPRINGS 1?--SEE BELOW.)  If you want your food to come out faster, might I suggest dining at McDonald's.  I hear they excel at food expediency 

Your food should never be auctioned off at the table.  This means that when the food runner brings your food to the table, he/she should never be holding the food up and saying, "who got the Lamb Porterhouse?"  1. The server puts the food order in the computer with the correct seat numbers, (or should,) so the food that you ordered should arrive magically in front of you.  2. Now we have to play this game of who had what, because nobody remembers what they ordered.  Then what usually happens is that somebody at the table starts eating something that they didn't order, and one person sends an entree back to the kitchen because it wasn't what they ordered, and then they sit there wondering what happened to their food, when their food is actually being eaten by one of there friends.

I can't tell you how many times I have been interrupted by another customer while I was at another table, just to have that person tell me they're ready to order or need another drink.  Patience is certainly a virtue, and I have very little for poor behavior.  I have also been snapped at, waved at, had my name yelled from across a crowded restaurant, and grabbed.  These things are more than wrong, but grounds for me to make you wait longer, have you thrown out, or have me say to you, "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!"

If you don't like your food, or think that you're getting bad service, it is in your best interest to say something at that moment.  I know it can be uncomfortable, but, it's better to get what you want and leave happy, then pay for something you didn't like and leave wanting nothing more than to get home and "Yelp" about it.  Remember this, "Yelping" is for cowards.  And if you didn't like your food, order something else!  You came to the restaurant because you're hungry.  It drives me nuts when I offer something else to a guest who didn't like their food and they say, "No, I'm not hungry now.  I'll just eat off of my friends plate."  Do you pull up to a gas station, not like the water to wash your windows, and decide to drive away and not get gas because of it?  You came to eat.  Let your server help you out in that circumstance.  Your stomach will be glad you did.

It is extremely time consuming to split a check 10, 8, or even 3 ways.  I have to go through the ENTIRE check and remember exactly what everybody ate and drank, and place each item on a separate check.  And during that time, all of my other tables are wondering, "what happened to my server?"  Most places won't even allow you to split checks anymore.  Besides, usually one of the girls at your table volunteers to be the group accountant anyways.  Let her live her dream!  Give your server cash, credit cards, and IOU's.  But only four forms of payment, at most.  This way you'll get out in a quick amount of time, and won't have to wait around for me to figure out your split check and back taxes owed.  And for the love of Jehovah, tip 20 percent!  You had a good time, thank your service staff for it.

Until next time... Server's don't pay their rent with compliments.

"Bitter.  Party of 1?  Your table is ready."

The Bitter Bistro



Springs1 said…
"but please remember that it is NOT your servers fault that your food is taking awhile to come out from the kitchen."

Actually it VERY WELL CAN BE. Do you not have ANY *COMMON SENSE* to speak of? Here's why:

Ask yourself these questions as a server:

1. WHEN do you put in my order? Do you wait or do you go put it in immediately after taking it? If you are double sat or triple sat, you can still go put in each order into the computer after taking each table’s order. By not doing that can result in a much longer wait and that would be YOUR FAULT.

2. FORGETTING to put in an order. My husband and I have experienced this for REAL that servers ADMITTED to our faces they have FORGOTTEN TO PUT ORDERS IN. All of them were appetizers, bar drinks, and a cup of soup.

3. Did you put in the order CORRECTLY into the computer? Have had many times servers ADMITTED to our faces they did not do that correctly. Have had wrong entrées before due to our server putting in the order wrong. Have had wrong bar drinks too due to the server putting in the order wrong.

4. Did you FORGET ANYTHING I ORDERED such as a SIDE DISH? We have had this happen a number of times as well.

5. Did you DROP anything I ordered? Luckily, we have not had this happen, but I have seen a server once drop some fries from a plate before and I did have a waiter spill some margarita martini when pouring into a martini glass. In other words, it is possible, not likely, but very possible.

6. Did you remember to GET my food? We have had a server do that before. Also, we have had a number of servers forget bar drinks.

7. Did you bring out my food obviously correctly if you bring my food out? Do you realize how many times OUR OWN SERVER brings out DUH mistakes like the side dish is wrong, the entrée is wrong, something obvious is not correct bacon that isn’t covered up isn’t extra, extra crispy when you can clearly notice that it isn’t without touching anything, etc.? Every DUH mistake you bring out is YOUR FAULT I am waiting for what I did order by you wasting my time bringing me the wrong item or wrongly prepared item or forgot something. While we all make mistakes, I would have to say a good 90% of the time, servers NEVER COMPARE THE WRITTEN ORDERS TO THE FOOD, because they are TOO LAZY and DON’T CARE!!

8. Servers DO wait to put in entrée orders when appetizers, side salads, or cups of soup are ordered. THAT *IS* THE GOD'S TRUTH! Sometimes it's TOO LONG THEY WAIT!

If it’s another server, it still doesn’t make it the kitchen staff’s fault I have the wrong side dish for example since that is something that’s obvious. It’s either my server that didn’t put in my order correctly or this other server that didn’t compare the ticket to the food or that this other server did compare the ticket to the food, but just missed it(HIGHLY UNLIKELY, but possible).

1. Once, we had a Red Lobster waitress had our 2 entrées on the tray as well as 2 side salads that were for a couple that wasn’t even there when we ordered. Anyway, instead of bypassing their table to hand us ours first since WE DID ORDER FIRST(common sense would tell you that it takes more time to cook food than it does to fix a side salad anyways even if it wasn’t our server that delivered our food, but it was our waitress that delivered our food), she decided to hand them theirs first off the tray. THAT IS SOMETHING THAT IS IN THE SERVER’S CONTROL TO HAND OUT THINGS OFF THE SAME TRAY IN THE ORDER IN WHICH IT WAS ORDERED IN!!

Continued next posts:
Springs1 said…

2. Once, we had a waitress that greeted us which we ordered an appetizer as well as our drinks when greeted. I saw she tucking in chairs at empty tables and pretty much doing everything but coming back to get our entrée order. Well, I found out what happened. She brought out our appetizer and when I asked she said that she wanted to wait to put in our entrée orders. The thing is, that delayed us more by not at least coming to GET our orders. That way, when the appetizer was ready, we wouldn’t have gotten delayed eating our appetizer since we then had to give our entrée orders when we could have given our entrée orders WELL BEFORE THAT and we would have gotten our entrées faster due to that she could have just left to put our entrée orders into the computer after delivering our appetizer instead of taking time to order when our appetizer was sitting in front of us.

The point is, SHE delayed our entrées as well as to be able to start eating our appetizer because she could have at least TAKEN our entrée orders and then when our appetizer would have been brought out, could have immediately gone to the computer to put our entrée orders in.

What she did was make us wait while our hot appetizer was sitting in front of us, we couldn’t touch it, because we had to order our entrées and could have done that wayyy before that.

She also delayed our entrées because we had to spend extra time AFTER our appetizer arrived to give her our entrée orders when we could have done that wayyyy before that.

3. Once, we had a waitress that assumed that because they were out of raspberry topping for a cheesecake slice when we had ordered dessert that she’d bring us strawberry. Turns out, she knew when she put in the order that the computer had it the manager told us. So she did it on PURPOSE to be so lazy and uncaring as to not come to ask if we wanted the next closest thing. We didn’t, we sent it back, so she had MORE WORK. Also, she didn’t even think about what if someone is allergic to strawberries. I just honestly can’t believe someone would do that. If they are out of something, common sense would be to come to see if the next closest thing is ok. Not everyone wants the next closest thing. So it wasn’t like it was just getting the order wrong by accident or by not verifying the written order with what she was bringing or putting in the order wrong by accident, this was on PURPOSE to be LAZY and to ASSUME. I didn’t know at first that she did that. I thought at first she just was that stupid(or truly just messed up(highly doubt it)) to bring us strawberries on top of a cheesecake when we ordered raspberries.

4. Your server delays coming to get your order or delays you ordering due to personal conversation. We have had that before as well. Once, we had a waiter that we didn’t know after waiting 15 mins. for a table on Mardi Gras day ask us BEFORE we ORDERED ANYTHING “How’s y’all’s Mardi Gras” “Go to any parades.” See, I don’t mind chit chat with a stranger, but be considerate to do it AFTER we have our orders into the computer so you don’t take up our time. We have also had servers not come to get our order due to playing around.

Sometimes taking a long time or a longer time has A LOT to do with the server:
My husband and I have had 3 TIMES where servers FORGOT to put food orders into the computer. We also have 4 times servers forget to get bar drinks from the bar. Once a waitress forgot to put in a bar drink into the computer. Two of the 3 times it was an appetizer and the servers ADMITTED doing so. The third time was a cup of bisque which is normally served before a meal just like a side salad is.

Continued next posts:
Springs1 said…

My husband and I also have had delays due to that the servers delayed putting orders into the computer when they COULD have such as deciding to buss a table first or decide instead of a mini-greet(I’ll be right with you all), one waiter I saw decided to take a party of 6 people’s drink/appetizer orders instead of putting in our food orders into the computer. I can understand if they call you over, but if they don’t, you should be putting that order into the computer not delaying our food. The longer you wait to put in orders, the LONGER WE WAIT!!

So truly think about that MOST of the time when you wait a LONG TIME for your food or bar drinks even, it could be the server’s fault.

So remember WHEN do you put in my order is the NUMBER ONE thing, because if you don't put it in quickly I won't get it quickly and NUMBER TWO, if you put it in wrong, you are delaying my order no matter who runs the food, and THIRDLY if you bring out the food obviously wrong like wrong side dish to my table, you are wasting my time, YOU, NOT someone else, *YOU*!

So just remember what you truly can control which is A LOT when it comes to how long we wait for our food and drinks. QUIT LYING TO THE PUBLIC, because what you are saying the MAJORITY of the times is not true. It's RARE that it's the kitchen staff's fault. I SEE servers at times after they get our order, they go greet another table rather than just acknowledging they are there, NO, they actually take their drink order and at times they are there several minutes with questions, appetizer orders or even fully ordering their meals even.

Springs1 said…
"I have to go through the ENTIRE check and remember exactly what everybody ate and drank, and place each item on a separate check."

First off, you sound LAZY.

Secondly, there's no "REMEMBERING" that should *EVER* be done except for WHERE YOU *****************WROTE IT

You should NEVER go by memory. You should have all of that written down.

"I can't tell you how many times I have been interrupted by another customer while I was at another table, just to have that person tell me they're ready to order or need another drink."

Well if you don't like that, which I don't do that sort of thing so I agree with you there because I wait my turn, think about how it feels for someone to do that when you do cutting in front of other tables. I am not saying you do it, but I see a lot of servers doing it. For example, let's say table 6 asked for 2 refills, then as you pass by table 7 asked for their check. Table 6's refills were asked for first, so it's THEIR TURN, NOT Table 7's turn so if you went to the computer to print out their check first, you have just CUT in front of another customer's turn. So if you don't like CUTTING to be done to you, DON'T DO IT TO OTHERS! I am TIRED of seeing servers CUT, YET, they complain about CUTTING that some rude customers do. You can't do it to and then complain, that would make you a hypocrite.

I can't tell you how many times I have seen servers go out of order on PURPOSE. Once we had a Red Lobster waitress have on a tray 2 side salads for a couple that came in wayyy after us and our entrées on the same tray, but our waitress decided to hand the couple their side salads off the tray first. My jaw almost dropped. If you don't like being cut in front of, DON'T DO IT TO OTHERS! That means if you hate when customers are trying to interrupt you while you are doing someone else's turn, don't do it to others that wait their turn like we do. She got A DOLLAR tip for cutting. You DON'T CUT like that. There's NO REASON why hot food shouldn't be first since we did order first(45-50 minutes before) and it is VERY POSSIBLE she waited TOO LONG to put our entrée orders into the computer because we had side salads before our meal.
Michael said…
#1 is so true. That's why I always go to the bank before heading out with friends. Drives me nuts when six credit cards come out on the table and I'm not even a waiter!
HI Springs 1
Thanks for commenting. You really have broken this down. There is such a fine line when you get triple sat and how and when to greet tables and put in orders. Running back and forth between taking an order at the table and putting it in the computer can be just as time consuming as putting in all the orders at once. Certain steps of service should be followed. (Unless it isn't that type of restaurant. )

As far as splitting the checks, no, I don't go from memory. But I don't hang on to the orders I wrote down after I have rang them in to the computer. And "lazy" isn't the correct term for that. It's just simply time consuming.

I love you.
Springs1 said…
"Running back and forth between taking an order at the table and putting it in the computer can be just as time consuming as putting in all the orders at once."

NOT for EACH TABLE it's not. For example, let's say in this real life example I went through at Outback. My husband and I happen to be the 1st to get seated and greeted out of the 3 tables(our table party of 2, 2nd table party of 5, and 3rd table party of 2).

He didn't even arrive until 3 minutes later to greet us. We order 2 cokes. Let's say if we would have ordered bar drinks, by going to the 2nd table next instead of the computer, a lot of DELAYS in our bar drink order or orders, plus if we would have ordered an appetizer when greeted, think of the *TIME* it takes to answer questions, get drink orders(especially bar drink orders) and any appetizers as well as they could order when greeted(WE HAVE BEFORE a NUMBER OF TIMES). Then he went to the 3rd table to get anything they ordered at the greeting(drinks at least, plus any appetizers). If he would have just gone to put the appetizer order into the computer and gotten our soft drinks, we wouldn't have waited literally 10 minutes from being seated to receive 2 cokes and wouldn't have waited as long for any bar drinks since the bartender would have had our orders faster(beat other servers to the punch, plus any bar orders that come up within that time frame that the waiter took the other 2 table's orders).

It's not the same as if our waiter would have gone to the computer first. Then when he came back, he had all the drinks on the tray. That shouldn't have happened. He made us waited the VERY LONGEST and we WAITED THE LONGEST out of the 3 tables for a table. It's UNFAIR and you know it! While I understand if I were the 3rd table, but WHY aren't these servers telling the hostess wait 3 minutes before seating the next table? Also, if they are 3rd *THEY* deserve to wait that long, NOT US. WHY PUNISH US for the 3rd table and even the 2nd table. Then the waiter had the gall as he was handing out the soft drinks, tea, waters etc., to hand a lady at the 2nd table hers first. THAT PISSED ME OFF TO NO END! I cannot stand when servers CUT, but then they don't want us to interrupt them while they are with any table's turn, but they can do it to us, right? Isn't that something?

So then when our waiter came to get our entrée orders, by him NOT going to the computer put a HUGE, HUGE DELAY in our order. This is why:

1. Other servers and the bartender can be putting in other orders which end up being *AHEAD* of ours UNFAIRLY SO during the time you are taking 5 people's orders at just one table and then another 2 people at another table plus any other customers you may have during that time. So by the time our entrée orders actually got into the computer, it was probably a good 5-10 MINUTES LATER, so the kitchen staff didn't know about our food orders until then nor did the bartender know about any bar drink orders if we would have had any nor did the kitchen staff know about an appetizer order if we would have ordered it when greeted as quickly as well.


I will tell you about a server that AGREES with me in my next post.

Springs1 said…

Stef319 said:

"Your system of never taking another tables drink order before turning in a ticket would back you up terribly, not to mention the humongous quantity of time you'd waste checking plates and menu prices. It would take you forever to get anything done."

In my opinion, MT, once an order is taken, it should be put into the computer IMMEDIATELY. Once my guests place their order with me, the clock begins to tick. They should be getting their apps 5-10 minutes after they PLACE their order, and their entrees should take between 20-30 minutes (where I work). You really should not start off a new table with an appetizer or dinner order on hold.
The guests who just placed their order (who are hungry) are watching you approach another table. You then have to build your rapport, go over the specials, and possibly answer questions. This can potentially be very time consuming and your guests are not going to appreciate the delay in your service. There are other times when it is acceptable to work all your tables together, but when you have a food order you shouldn't be doing this. The correct way to handle this is to approach the table (with the other tables' menus in hand) and acknowledge their presence, and tell them YOU WILL BE RIGHT BACK. Then you ring in the order, go back to the table, and then you can do your greeting, go over specials, answer questions, etc. Now you can take your time with the new table cause you know that your other tables' food is getting worked on by the kitchen. I know that this can be time-consuming but it really is worth it. Waste no time getting food orders in."
August 5, 2011 at 12:05 PM

This is a waitress that was or is at Red Lobster. This is her blog:

At first she disagreed with me about certain issues, but then she saw that I made sense about what I was saying.

Notice how she said "The guest that are HUNGRY watching you approach another table" and "Once my guests place their order with me, the clock begins to tick."

It's THE GOD'S TRUTH and you know it!

Basically the customer is seeing you CUTTING is what it boils down to. I mean if you are called over, different story, but if you aren't or have any previously order items, then you shouldn't be going to another table. You should be heading straight to the computer.
Springs1 said…
She also reminds me about the specials. That's VERY TIME CONSUMING. I like it when servers *ASK*, because 99.9% of the time I come to the restaurant knowing what I want already without hearing the specials.
Would you want a host to tell you to wait because the server asked them to hold up seating people? You would probably be upset that you were waiting to get sat.

Yes, if you wait ten minutes to put in orders it does affect the time for the food to arrive at the table. And I do understand this. I think you think this is common practice for servers to do. I do try to get orders in as soon as I get them. But like I said before, getting triple sat requires you to multitask and assess the situation as to what needs to get done quickly on each table. Also, a kitchen that is run efficiently will be able to get orders out within the confines of service standards.

And how is it valid to support your argument with a post from your own blog? You don't even work in the service industry anymore.

If waiting and being treated unfairly by watching your orders not getting put into the computer by your server is difficult for you, then maybe you should change your regular dining spots, or stop eating out for awhile.

Thanks for the input.
Springs1 said…
"Would you want a host to tell you to wait because the server asked them to hold up seating people? You would probably be upset that you were waiting to get sat."

Honestly, YES VERY MUCH SO, because if they aren't ready for me, WHY go get seated, huh?

I mean once you get seated you think they are ready for you, so if they aren't WHY BOTHER? WHY NOT WAIT IN THE WAITING AREA? This way it's ***********FAIR*********** to the other people that were BEFORE ME. I am not like you, I think about OTHER PEOPLE besides myself. I am VERY CONSIDERATE about whose turn is it. It's all about being ******************FAIR*****************!

"And how is it valid to support your argument with a post from your own blog?"

Because this waitress came on **********MY BLOG********* to agree with me. As I said, this is HER website:

If you read the entire post(I know it's a lot on her site), you will see how we didn't agree at first, but how she saw that I made sense. SHE came to defend me to someone else on my blog.

But what she is saying is the TRUTH. ANY amount of time you wait to put an order(3 minutes even) can make 10 minutes difference even because NOW another server at another computer or bartender put in another table's order AHEAD of ours. So you think that it's only 3 minutes, but it's actually A LOT more than that even if it's only 3 minutes you waited. There are other orders now ahead of ours, possibly 2 or more tables even.

"You don't even work in the service industry anymore. "

I worked at a donut shop/diner as counter help back between 1998-2002 off and on about a little over 2yrs worth. I NEVER was a waitress. What does this have to do with knowing what goes on, huh? I don't have to be a waitress to see that my order is getting DELAYED IDIOT! Seriously, you don't have to do the job to have COMMON SENSE!

"If waiting and being treated unfairly by watching your orders not getting put into the computer by your server is difficult for you, then maybe you should change your regular dining spots, or stop eating out for awhile."

Maybe you should get 10% tipped or stiffed with that UNCARING ATTITUDE! That's MEAN! WHY are you being unfair, but then expect 20% or more, huh? If you aren't fair to us, then how can you expect a good tip back, huh?

Maybe you should think about why your tips may not be as well if you are purposely delaying putting in orders and giving refills without permission.
Springs1 said…
"You would probably be upset that you were waiting to get sat.""

I wasn't talking about "YES VERY MUCH SO" with this part obviously.

I wouldn't be upset. I would be HAPPY I waited MY TURN that I didn't have to sit for 10 minutes to get greeted if they weren't ready for me, DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NOBODY wants to get seated only to have NO SERVER IDIOT!
You know, I've presented my side without any unnecessary name calling. You haven't been able to do the same. I've never been unfair to a table as you have assumed I've been. And you have stated that you don't like people to assume anything.
Springs1 said…
" I've never been unfair to a table as you have assumed I've been."

Then why did you say this:

"Running back and forth between taking an order at the table and putting it in the computer can be just as time consuming as putting in all the orders at once."

Then, agree with me later when I presented the *FACTS*, HUH by saying this: "Yes, if you wait ten minutes to put in orders it does affect the time for the food to arrive at the table."

You just proved you didn't know what you were talking about in the first thing you said to me about that it takes just as much time when it honestly doesn't.

Why did you say "Running back and forth between taking an order at the table and putting it in the computer can be just as time consuming as putting in all the orders at once", that if you go in the order in which request came in, huh? That makes NO SENSE!

Springs1 said…
You really need to take out the part in your blog where it says ""but please remember that it is NOT your servers fault that your food is taking awhile to come out from the kitchen", because most of the time it is your server's fault. I didn't say always, just MOST of the times is all. Sure there are times where it is the kitchen staff's fault and it could be a kitchen staff error, but you delayed the time even more by let's say putting in an order wrong or forgot to put in an order or brought out an obviously wrong item. It could also be 100% the kitchen staff's fault, but it's not as common as being the server's fault. That is the TRUTH! We EXPERIENCED IT!
It's not the server's fault. There are too many other variables that most people don't consider.

I said the comment about being time consuming to run back and forth because every server operates differently, and sometimes those things happen.

I appreciate your comments. Since you have not supported yourself waiting tables it seems hard to have you see a server's POV.

Take care.
Springs1 said…
"It's not the server's fault. There are too many other variables that most people don't consider. "

But MOST of the time it *IS*!

When you put in my order wrong, it's ***********YOUR FAULT************* 100% I wait for my food a long time.

When you BRING OUT OBVIOUSLY WRONG ITEMS, it's *****YOUR FAULT****** I got my food delayed.

When you *FORGET* to bring out an item I ordered, that's ********YOUR FAULT*********!

When you wait to put in my order when you don't have any previously ordered items you are delivering and you aren't being called over, It's *********YOUR FAULT*********!

When you FORGET to put in my order ENTIRELY, IT'S ***************YOUR FAULT*************!

When you wait to put in my entrée order due to an appetizer or side salad or cup of soup was ordered, that's *********YOUR FAULT*******!

Luckily this one hasn't happened to us before, but if you DROP my food, that's ***********YOUR FAULT******* I wait a long time for them to fix it again.

The ones that happen most often are putting in orders wrong and either bringing out obviously wrong items or forgetting items. Forgetting items is the #1 thing I have, because I have condiments forgotten SOOOOO MUCH, it's RIDICULOUS!
Springs1 said…
"There are too many other variables that most people don't consider. ""

There are no ANY other variables when you do those things I said in my previous post. If you forget to put in my order, DUH, (*YOU*) have delayed my food, NOT the kitchen staff, *YOU*! When you put in my order wrong, DUH, it comes out wrong, that's delaying my food.

When you bring out obviously wrong food or forget something I ordered, DUH, you are delaying my food from getting to me that I DID order.


We had once even a waitress that forgot to bring out my husband's side salad he ordered. We had gotten the appetizer, but no side salad and our waitress had said "Your food will be ready soon." That's when my husband asked about his side salad. Walla, it magically appeared our server bringing out the side salad. SHE FORGOT TO BRING IT OUT! HER FAULT FOR THAT DELAY, NOT THE KITCHEN STAFF!

"Since you have not supported yourself waiting tables it seems hard to have you see a server's POV."

That has NOTHING to do with anything. It has to do with the *TRUTH* that most of the delays are caused by your server. Why can't you just admit I am right and you are wrong, huh? I am not saying it never is the kitchen staff's fault, I said *********MOST********* of the time it's your server's fault or if another server brings out the wrong food to the table, that's not the kitchen staff's fault, especially once at Applebee's, our waitress put in my husband's order in wrong, but another waitress brought out ribs even though my husband ordered a burger. It wasn't the other server's fault, it was OUR SERVER'S FAULT for putting in the order wrong. Not only did we have the wrong food at our table, but we had a huge delay caused by OUR SERVER!

Springs1 said…
"And "lazy" isn't the correct term for that. It's just simply time consuming."

It is, because you complained on the other blog about doing work, here it is:

"But I can't stand it when customers bring in a bottle of wine, and then want me to decant it and do a song and dance."

You sound lazy to complain about doing work, plain and simple.
So you've never complained about frustrations at work?

This is not a right or wrong circumstance, you would understand better if you had serving experience.

If you can recall so many bad experiences from Applebees, Red Lobster, or Outback, just go to better restaurants. Better restaurants equals better service.

For all of the servers in the world, I'm sorry we have scarred you so deeply.
Springs1 said…
"Better restaurants equals better service."

This is NOT TRUE, because we have had bad service at FINE DINING restaurants.

It's all about ********WHO********** serves you.

For example, we had gone to BR Prime, which is located in Beau Rivage in Mississippi. The cheapest steak in 2011 was $89, that's how EXPENSIVE this place was. Our bill was $293($89 bottle of wine in that, but STILL, VERY EXPENSIVE PLACE). Our waiter forgot my margarita from the bar, didn't even apologize. He took 8-10 minutes for my first coke, then 8-10 minutes for a refill of that coke. So NO, the places doesn't mean that you are going to get better service because the prices are higher and you know it.

This year, my husband's family and I went to Ruth's Chris, which my Ribeye alone was $41. Our waitress forgot one of my refills. She also got my dessert wrong. I had asked her to have blueberries as a topping on the side for the cheesecake, she brings me blueberry sauce. That's NOT blueberries is it? That's blueberry SAUCE, NOT the same. She didn't apologize for that mistake either.

So that's just a couple of examples of how PRICES don't matter to the service. It's all about the *PERSON* that serves you, NOT AT ALL the prices or how expensive or pretty the restaurant looks.

WHY do you servers think that how expensive a restaurant is has to do with the service when it doesn't, huh?

Have you ever dined at fine dining? You sure don't sound like it.

I have other examples as well I could tell you. One was at a place in the Imperial Palace Casino where our bill was around $140 for just the 2 of us. Our bill had a $2 overcharge on a margarita I ordered as it came according to the drink menu. So instead of the waiter immediately apologizing, he blames it on a misprint and then apologizes. That's sure not saying you are sorry when you blame it on the menu when it's HIS fault since he was the last person to see the check, *HE* was supposed to catch that and get his manager to fix it, NOT ME! First time we EVER were there and I knew more than he did. So he comes back to have it fixed, NO COMP and so I tell him something back for being such a mean person by blaming it on the menu when it's not the menu's fault by telling him "You know we don't order from the computer right" and he's like "Well I fixed it." I thought what an asshole. We should have stiffed him for that, but didn't. Because of the poor way he handled it, we left 11%, but BEFORE that happened we would have left him 25%.

So obviously you don't go to fine dining restaurants very often, do you?

Better restaurants DOES IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM equal better service. We had better service at IHOP, Waffle House, and Denny's at times than those restaurants. That should tell you something. I remember this one time we tipped 25% at IHOP, because we got awesome service unlike these times I have mentioned at these FINE DINING restaurants.

"So you've never complained about frustrations at work?"

Only when things are unfair like co-workers not putting in their share of the work or if your boss fusses you for something that you had no control over. THOSE type of things, NOT that I had to do work. My job is to WORK for my money, so I don't complain that I have some, because that's WHY I have a job.

"you would understand better if you had serving experience."

No, you'd have a better understanding by being a customer more often to see how it FEELS to have things happen to *YOU* when you spend your hard earned money in a restaurant on service.

You are moderating the comments because I proved you were wrong, isn't that right, huh?
Springs1 said…
Do you honestly think the higher prices make a server work HARDER? NO, they don't and you know it!

At a fine dining restaurant, you should have a comp for a wrong price, yet we had a wrong price at Fox and Hound(a chain we have here) and the manager gave us half off the sandwich my husband ordered. At a fine dining restaurant, the manager should have caught that the price was wrong in the computer BEFORE the server had to, but for it to get to the customer is ridiculous. Fine dining doesn't mean anything. That isn't making the server caring and a hard worker. It just makes them know they don't have to work as hard and they will still get a lot of money is all it does. Think about it, 20% on a $150 check is a lot more than Red Lobster's $30 - $50 check at 20%.

You should also at a fine dining restaurant, never have someone say it's a misprint to blame a menu. The menu is the advertised price, so they can't legally charge the computer price. We don't see the computer, therefore that price doesn't hold up to anything legally. We order from the menu, so the menu price is the only one that counts. At any restaurant, not server should blame the menu or the computer or the manager for something THEY could have caught themselves, but even more so at fine dining you would think, which we know that's just not the case that it's all the same people(lazy and uncaring) that work at these places as well. Sure there are some hard, caring workers, but very rare and far between at ANY restaurants.
When it comes down to it, most people go out to a restaurant to have a good time. Those that are inconvenienced by their server or bartender and can't get over it should just go back to their shacks in Mississippi. But don't forget to validate your parking!
Springs1 said…
"When it comes down to it, most people go out to a restaurant to have a good time."

That's the point in that we deserve GOOD SERVICE. I don't mean don't make mistakes, I mean be NICE. For example, the waiter that said the menu was a "misprint" HOW COULD HE? I mean what kind of person would say that? If he was ANY "DECENT" human being, he would have just said "I'm SO sorry about that, let me get a manager to fix it." Then came back with a "sorry about that" and possibly at least a coke off the bill for our inconvenience of *US* having to do the job ************HE ******************* ADMITTED HE didn't do since he blamed it on a menu instead of HIMSELF. It was HIS fault, he should have admitted so, NOT blamed it on an OBJECT that is the *ADVERTISED* price.

That's what *I* would have done if I would have been the server and not noticed that. But as a server, I would have compared the check prices to the menu prices to try to prevent such a thing. If I would have missed it, I would have done both of those things: 1. Said I was SO sorry 2. Got at least a soft drink or $2 off the bill for my customer's inconvenience, even if *I* had to pay for it myself(most likely I wouldn't have, but I would have if I had to). I would have NEVER, EVER blamed it on someone else when it wasn't their fault or an OBJECT when the menu didn't do anything nor is it false. It's the ADVERTISED PRICE that is IN the restaurant, therefore, that *IS* the lawfully correct price, NOT anything the server only sees in the computer. If *I* can see the problem wrong without a computer screen, so can they! Sure they can't fix the computer wrong price themselves, but they can sure can get a manager to fix it OR they can give us money to compensate for it. If I had a server that didn't make us wait for a manager and actually gave us a little over what the overcharge was(tax included), I would be SOOO IMPRESSED I would give them over 20% just for simply showing they weren't so SELFISH even though they would have caused the issue for being lazy not to check it(VERY MOST LIKELY).

So if I want a good time, it's got to be GOOD service, DUHH! Seriously, a server can RUIN at outing. You just don't get that, do you?

"can't get over it should just go back to their shacks in Mississippi."

Obviously you have NO "FEELINGS" and are made of stone, I am not.

It's funny how you can't deny I am 100% correct on the fact that most of the time your server is at fault for long waits for food and bar drinks, huh?

In my opinion and most people, you are obsessed as well, otherwise, why would you have this blog, huh?

People for some reason don't want to look in the mirror, but act like they are innocent when they are doing the SAME THING, DWELLING on experiences that happened along time ago or even other people's such as the YELP service guy that wasn't even yours even.

I go to have a good time, not to have things go wrong and wait a longer time unfairly for my food and bar drinks. Sure, if it's not your fault, I will notice it by seeing when you put in my order and if you let me know what's going on like if I waited 8-10 minutes as to why it's not here, but you let me know why, then it arrives 3 or so minutes later obviously correct, if I know you put in the order as soon as you fairly could, I know not to tip you less, but if I see you go to 2 other tables that didn't call you over, I see WHY my drink was delayed, understand or if you bring me the wrong drink(obviously wrong color or container that it normally comes in), why my drink is delayed.

Continued next posts:
Springs1 said…
I didn't come there for you to delay my order to hand things out of order on purpose or wait to put my order into the computer or not to check over my food without your written order for obvious errors. I go so my server can *************CARE*************** about me so I can ******************CARE*************** about their tip EQUAL/EQUAL! That's how it's SUPPOSED TO BE! One-sided caring is how you seem not to admit you are wrong about delays with food is the kitchen staff's fault all the time, when most of the time it's your server's fault or another server's fault/food runner, NOT the kitchen staff(unless the kitchen staff is the one that is delivering the food, which is rare, but can happen if short staffed or possibly could be an expo/runner assuming the order was put in correctly by the server that took the order.

You need to be a CUSTOMER more often. Also, it's funny how you can't deny I am right about fine dining being just as bad as chain restaurants like Applebee's, Chili's, Red Lobster, Outback, etc. High prices doesn't make servers work harder, it makes them work LESS knowing they will get even just for a $100 check, $20 for 20% because that steak entrée was $40. I mean it takes HONESTLY LESS WORK to bring me that steak than it does to bring me mayo, mustard, and ranch for my burger order. It takes MORE EFFORT and TIME to put into the computer I want my burger medium well with only lettuce, onions, cheddar cheese, and bacon - extra crispy with fries without seasoning with 2 sides of mayo, 1 side of ranch, and 1 side of mustard. The ranch is for the fries(I hate ketchup). It takes MORE TIME AND EFFORT to fix that than that $41 steak I had at Ruth's Chris. It's VERY UNFAIR that way tipping is set up. It takes almost no effort for that steak order with let's say mashed potatoes compared to that order. It's UNFAIR, it really is. That's why service is so shitty at fine dining. That know they will have their money even if they do shitty, they will get $10 on $100 is still a lot in terms of the ************EFFORT*********** and **********TIME********** they put into my order compared to my burger order that took MUCH MORE WORK, TIME, AND EFFORT that is less than $10. So just remember what you are saying, because it's untrue. Most of the time, we have had bad service at fine dining. It's because they know they will get more because of the prices even if it's a 10% tip, because the price of the item is so high. As I said, it takes LESS WORK to bring me that steak than it does to bring me my burger order that's less than $10(usually $7.99 or $8.99 or $9.99), but yet a $41 steak gets more tip, GO FIGURE? IT'S HONESTLY UNFAIR THE WAY THAT'S SET UP!

Even at IHOP, it's more work to take a pancake/meat/eggs order than it does to take a steak and mashed potatoes order. It TRULY *IS* more work. Eggs certain way, meat if it's bacon( I for one ask for it crispy) and jelly(could be for the sausage too if that is what is ordered), pancake, could need extra butter, syrup.

So just remember when you say fine dining is better how it's truly not at ALL and is VERY UNFAIR. So the bill is $200(would have been around that without the $89 bottle of wine at BR Prime), do you honestly think the waiter put $89 of EFFORT into bringing me that entrée or checking the item for accuracy? NO, he didn't. It's just as much trouble actually LESS work than a burger order at your local Chili's or Applebee's, yet, you think and he thinks he should get 20% of that $89 entrée. That's unfair. You don't see where I am coming from as to WHY service is so SHITTY at these places, huh?
Lou said…
Hey "Springs 1": ease up on the caps, you mental patient. And the fact that you have all these recollections of bad service tells me you are a major pain in the ass on a regular basis when you go out to eat. I get really bad service (service worth writing about) about once every five years. You are a servers nightmare. Stay home. No one likes you.
sophiedog said…
Jesus Springs...
I certainly hope that there are other fine dining establishments in Mississippi other than Crapplebees and Dead Lobster. Maybe you should move up to Denny's or Hardees.
Springs1 said…
"And the fact that you have all these recollections of bad service tells me you are a major pain in the ass. You are a servers nightmare. Stay home."

You sound VERY LAZY! It tells me you don't want to do ********WORK********** at work is what it tells me.

"No one likes you."

They sure do when they see our 25%-30% tip for good service for the extra work.
Springs1 said…
"you mental patient"

I am not mental, because I have *********FEELINGS************ and you don't.
jill said…
If you are not familiar with Springs1, let me tell you she has been banned from other "server" sites. It seems she is off her meds again. Bitter I admire the fact that you tried to be a gentleman. Keep up the good work luv. I adore reading your blog!!
Anonymous said…
LOL...Spring1 apparently has way, way, WAY (insert sarcasm via CAPS here), too much time on her hands. Reading through all of that was well, it was a read all right. Any person who spends any length of time in the food service industry, who takes pride in providing good service knows, crap happens. People do forget, mistakes will happen, and its not that someone makes a mistake its how you address it. Who the hell cares who sat down first, last time I checked, most servers treat their entire station like one table. There is no great benefit in it for the server to screw up because their income or lack thereof is dependent on the customer having a nice time. Also, I have a party of two who order to "rare" steaks and a party of five who order a menagerie of items and well done steaks and the party of two ordered first. Guess what? I am going to put the larger party in first because the kitchen isn't just cooking one table at a time, but the party of two steaks are going to come out faster than the party of five did anyway just based on what and the way they ordered. Those are those unseen decisions that one Spring isn't considering, nor is it her business how I run my section as long as I work to make ALL my customers as happy as possible. If they leave unhappy its not because I did not do my best to make them happy but some people will never be happy even if you wipe and power their a$$es first.

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