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Customers Are Not Right, Marshall Field

When the phrase, "The customer is always right," was uttered by Marshall Field back in 1904 he wanted to give the customer the ultimate service experience, but unfortunately, he didn't get to experience the magnitude of customers that we have today.  In fact, if he were alive today, he probably would have said, "The customer is out of their  F@#King mind." I haven't had any difficult customers in a while, so the universe decided to bestow them upon me the other night.  A man and a woman, dressed like they came out of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip, were seated in my section, waiting to be served. "What's good here?" they asked.  No initial response to me asking them how they're going, mind you. I took them on a tour through our menu and pointed out some things that I actually enjoyed.  Why the hell do people ask that question?  What's good?  The chairs.  They have great back support. Then came the questions.  Not just the n

Dating Advice From Your Server

I have witnessed many first dates throughout my shifts.  Some of them successful; most of them bad.  There have been some signs of how the date is going that I have picked up on and noted.  Being a server in these situations is kind of like being the third wheel on a friend date.  I am there for support, but I can't say anything except to offer them more booze and bread. Here are some things I have noticed: If I see a cell phone on the table at any point in the dinner, the date is over. If a second drink is ordered in-between apps and entrees, the date is being forced. If both people are missing by the time I return to check on how the food is, then the date is being consummated. There is a dating service called, " It's Just Lunch ," where they bring together two possible matches and have them meet at a random restaurant for a first date.  And most of these dates are at night, so calling it, "It's Just Lunch" already sets things off on a ba

Dickey's Staff Sticks It To Dickeys

I just wrote a post about Dickeys BBQ Pit (who is hiring on Craigslist) and how horrible it would be to work there, and what type of person would apply.  ( CLICK HERE if you missed it.) Today I see a Facebook post from Bitchy Waiter about another Dickeys restaurant where the ENTIRE Dickeys staff quit at the same time.  That's the epitome of what every waitstaff wants to do to every restaurant employer who treats them like crap... complete EXODUS. So many times, at so many different places have I talked about and schemed with my co-workers about taking a ten minute break, and never coming back.  Or better yet, waiting until the entire restaurant is full, and then dumping our aprons at the host stand.  (Josh, Jude, Kyle, Andrea, and anybody else who worked at The Gardens remember this?) Bravo Ex-Dickeys BBQ Pit staff.  You have done what we have all dreamed about doing, and you have done it well.  You should have a flag raised in your honor. Until next time... Server'

Crappy Craigslist Restaurant Jobs

Good restaurant jobs are almost as hard to get as an acting gig here in Los Angeles.  Craigslist provides many opportunities to try and find some of these wonderful pits that we call employment and I have found some that are worth sharing and commenting on. Crew - Dickeys Barbecue Pit (Pasadena) © craigslist - Map data ©  OpenStreetMap ( google map ) ( yahoo map ) compensation:  $9-10/hr Dickeys Barbecue Pit in Pasadena is hiring! We are looking for people that wants to be part of a growing new business. Get in early and be part of our team. Growth opportunities available. Dickeys serves the best Texas style barbecue in town. With over 350 stores in the US and growing. We are the first in the SGV. We are looking for people that want a stable position, fun and face pace environment. At Dickey's, We are passionate about the art of great barbecue!!! Applicants should have experience in fast food or Quick Causal Restaurant. Duties: Cashier, Food Prep, FOH, BOH, dish wa