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Check Yo Self!

When Ice Cube rapped about "Check Yo'self before you wreckidity-wreck Yo'self," I don't think he meant writing an ACTUAL check to pay for something in a place that normally doesn't accept checks.  But in 2014, we have come across a customer who wants to pay for his individual dinner, with a check. This didn't even happen to me.  It happened to my buddy Max during his shift.  It had been an extremely weird week at work.  The night prior, I had my encounter with  Steak Tits , and now Max was dealing with a character that even Stephen King couldn't make up. An older gentleman, (and I use that term loosely,) wearing a gold velour jumpsuit, sat in Max's section one fateful night and decided to have his fill of alcohol and food.  And let me repeat... wearing a gold velour jumpsuit. Our hostess Dana sat him, and the man paid no attention to her.  Then Max took over and suddenly the guy became increasingly infatuated with Dana, even though he comp

The Bitter Bistro Podcast 217 w/ Maite Schwartz #tipsforjesus

On Ep 217, I welcome Maite Schwartz to the Bistro.  I thought I had heard it all, but Maite tells some customer stories that you've got to hear to believe.  AND, she and her co-workers hit the server jackpot when they got a visit from the #tipsforjesus disciples. Check out Maite's IMDB PROFILE Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Until next time... Server's don't pay their rent with compliments. "Bitter.  Party of 1?  Your table is ready." The Bitter Bistro LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK  CLICK HERE FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER  CLICK HERE