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Perhaps this is a bit of a "re post" from awhile back, but I would like to remind the foreigners of a little thing here in the States called "the gratuity." When you pass through customs, along with the stamp to get into the country, there should also be a pamphlet in various languages explaining how to tip. 15% is no longer an acceptable gratuity. It is all about 18 and even 20 percent. Don't get me wrong, it should not be just taken for granted. The server or bartender should put in the effort and service for the money. But this is not a salary position. The gratuity is how, WE, the service industry, pay our bills. So whatever language you are fortunate to speak, just make sure you tip. And if you don't speak English, please have someone translate this blog for you. "Bartenders and Servers don't pay their rent with compliments." Until next time, "Bitter? Party of one. Your table is ready."