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Mind Reading 101

Servers apparently can do it all now-a-days. Along with suggesting wine to compliment your "Lamb Shank;" listen to why you decided to become a "vag"-a-tarian; and refill your ice-teas, add another skill to the repertoire... mind reading. Why else would you, the customer, have that surprised/upset look of, "you didn't know I have a peanut allergy" scraped across your face? Or, "my God doesn't allow me to eat pork products." Well, my God doesn't allow me to read minds. So if you have a food allergy that can potentially kill you, (a la Gene Wilder in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,") "Please. Stop. Don't eat that." Tell your server before you order your food. Unless, of course, you enjoy eating the emergency room Jello. But I already knew that. until next time, "Bartenders and Servers don't pay their rent with compliments." Bitter? Party of 1. Your table is ready. www.thebitterbistro.