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It's Natural

Holiday people, (see last year's post,) are at it again. Servers get many special requests, but this one is definitely priceless. Pushing water to customers is an easy way to get one's check average, (the total of each check a server rings in,) higher. It's usually the first item that a server will offer you when he/she greets the table. "Can I start you with some flat or sparkling water?" This past Thanksgiving, I offered a lady at my table some water to start. She comes back with, "Do you know where the water is bottled? Because I don't drink water that comes from a mountain. I don't know who's been on that mountain." "Ma'am, I assure you that we get our water only from desolate mountain tops. The water is completely isolated, and free from any contact to anybody." And see wondered why she wasn't invited to anyone's house for Thanksgiving dinner? Until next time... Server's don't pay their rent with c