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I'll just have a some lettuce leaves.

You've worked a hard day. You've finally made it home and spend a bit of time getting ready to go out to that great restaurant with your friends. The reservation. The traffic. The valet. Finally you've made it to your table, heard the specials, and you order... "A side salad." WTF??? That's all you're ordering? "And what side would you like your salad?... Be-side your ice-water?" Or better yet, a party of over ten people, and all that's ordered is two small pizzas and a side of fries. Oh, and water without ice. If you're going out, order big and eat. If not, eat Digiorno's at home. It's delicious! Until next time... Server's don't pay their rent with compliments. "Bitter, party of one? Your table is ready." The Bitter Bistro