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I Want You To Sit In My Section But Not When We R Closing

Nobody is in the restaurant.  The tables have been cleared off, or they have been set-up for breakfast/lunch service for the next day.  Even though the clock has not struck "closing time" yet, the fact that there haven't been any tables for almost an hour signals the staff to close.  Then they appear. The customers who just want a quick bite to eat and then they say they'll leave.  These people make sure to point out that it's still a minute before you close, so they guilt trip their way to a table.  I clear away all of the set-up that I had done and re-set their table for dinner. "Was it busy tonight?" the girl asks. "We were earlier.  But then those people left," I reply.  Don't get me wrong:  Yes, I want to have customers, but not when we are about to close.  It's not worth the extra few dollars to stick around for another hour or so. I explain to them that the kitchen is closing, so they are going to need to decide quickly

5 Tips To Surviving Your Holiday Party by Bitter Party of 1

It's that time of year again, and before you put on that holiday red and green dress, or Christmas Tree tie, I would like to help you out with a few tips that will let you enjoy your holiday party, get you home safe, and still be employed when you go back to work. NUMBER 5:  DON'T ASK YOUR BARTENDER TO POUR EXTRA ALCOHOL  Whether or not it's a hosted or cash bar, don't tell the bartender to put a little more in your drink.  We get it, you're a lush.  Either that or you have never been out to a place that serves alcohol.  Either way, the bar will not be going anywhere for a couple of hours.  Meaning, that after you finish one drink, you can go back and get another.  Anybody who asks for more booze in their cocktail has just become a target for ridicule amongst the service staff.  Save your breath for the meaningless conversation you are going to have with the coworkers that you probably don't like. NUMBER 4:  THE PARTY IS NOT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO ASK