Friday, January 16, 2009

Allergy Freaks!

(Re post from March 14th, 2008.)

People think they can get away with anything when they're eating out at a restaurant.

The other day, I over-heard a conversation of a lady sitting at the table across from me tell her waiter this, "I'm allergic to: 1. Beef 2. Dairy 3. Peanuts 4. Garlic, and 5. Lettuce. What would you recommend?"... I recommend you get back in your mother's womb and finish cooking! You're not done, you ALLERGY FREAK!. Eat at home. Who let you out of your bubble?

Put it this way, if you have a severe enough food allergy that warrants you to admit that "lettuce" will kill you... stick with the water. I know people enjoy taking "shots" after meals, but not of "epinephrine."

Remember, Bartenders/Servers don't pay their rent with compliments.

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Bitter? Party of one. Your table is ready.

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